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▷ The hills are alive, with the sound of Piko (la la la la~)

Today, we’ll be talking about a very interesting Vocaloid, Utatane Piko.  I say that for a few reasons:A)He is the first Vocaloid produced by Ki/oon Records, an offset of Sony B)He is voiced by the Nico singer (now an independent singer also under Ki/oon) Piko.  He is also (according to the Vocaloid Wikia) “The least Masculine sounding Vocaloid in his default state”, even moreso then Len of all male Vocaloids.  Len, I tell you.

Len is not amused by this comparison either.

Before I star though, I would like to apologize for delaying this review. Part of the reason I’ve been delaying this review for about, oh, nearly 3 weeks or so is because my god I could barely find any good original Piko songs, and only a handful of nice covers to go along with it(the other was that I had to do a few projects aldghjag). 

Yes, your fault, Miss Cleopatra VII Philopator.  Don’t you give me that face.

And I looked, both under Piko’s romaji & character name on youtube (since that’s the only place I can show off Vocaloid songs to y’all).  I looked under TV Tropes Crowning Music/Vocaloid list, I checked the Piko tags on tumblr (His first name, his last name, his first & last name in Western order, & his first & last name in Eastern order), and even asked other people well versed in Vocaloid what their favorite Piko songs were and even then they couldn’t give me that many. Even then, a lot of songs just bored me.  It was one hell of a pain is what I’m trying to say.  But hey, at least I exceed my one awful song requirement!

Always a joyous cause for celebration here at Vocaloid Review.

Let me digress no further with this though, as I want to get this out of the way as soon as possible so I have ample more time for writing the Halloween review not to keep you waiting any longer.  We’ll start with I wanna meet you… I like you too much…, then.

Which, I forgot to tell you, sounds like they held Piko upside down and told him to sing in his kawaiiest voice or else.

Do it for the fans, Piko.  Do it so Lily doesn’t drop you from a really tall building too.

Honestly, Piko sounds horrible here.  And when I mean horrible, I mean my ears literally hurt when I listen to this song.  Even if I lower it down to the lowest volume setting on my computer, I feel my ears retracting themselves into my brain.  He’s tuned up to a squirrel’s voice here, and it’s just unberable.

It’s so unbarable I forgot to look at the lyrics and tell you what the song’s about.  (You’re in luck though, as they have the English lyrics in the description, so I don’t have to listen to the song again).  It’s a love song about how he wants to meet this 2D girl or something, I dunno, something very saccharine & cutesy. 

If you take Piko’s voice out of the equation & listen to just the instruments, you discover that it’s actually an OK J-Pop song.  Nothing fancy, just ok.  Either way, it’s nothing to brag about.

Let’s switch songs now, for my sake.  I know!  We’ll talk about Meteor Words next!

Mainly because I want to have rockets attached to my butt too. …why are you looking at me like that?

This particular song (which has an English translation in the description except that video was taken down so ha ha I hope you know Spanish) is about Piko trying to sing a song of hope to a person who has lifted him up earlier in his life, and is determined to make said person feel much better no matter what they think, which is really sweet of him.  Too bad he sounds like he’s falling asleep at the computer.

No really, that’s the problem I find with most Piko songs: Piko sounds non-enthused, tired, or as if he had a bunch of marbles in his mouth.  The rest of the song does a great job at trying to be this determined piece of music with guitar, piano, & drums both going YEAH WOO but Piko’s well, you know.

someone take photoshop away from me.

All in all, it isn’t a bad song, but it could have been executed better if Piko didn’t so damn sleepy in a determined song.

That’s Ok, I have a song where his sleepy voice comes in handy.  Meet Cresc. recalls (according to Google translator *eyeroll*)

While I don’t have the English Translation to this, I can tell the tone is supposed to be on the down side from the rest of the instrument’s lovely parts.  Piko’s voice suits this song’s mood much better, as it’s not trying to put his voice in a genre that he can’t sing.

Speaking of songs to fit the mood…

This song, Moon Walker, is… also lacking subtitles.  Honestly don’t know what it’s about, but it’s a duet between Gumi & Piko, and they honestly sound pretty nice together.  It’s a gentle song, kind of like elevator music if you were taking a ride in an elevator to the moon.  It’s not the most awesome song in the world, but it’s defiantly lightyears away from bad too.

The last song I have to show you today is a cover of a Len & Miku song, with Piko as Len’s part & Iroha as Miku’s, called Crybaby Boyfriend.

And my gosh the youtube users who did (Fruutella & AbstractCactus) this did just a great job on this. 

Iroha sounds MUCH nicer than Miku’s voice on the original song, if just because Iroha’s voice isn’t pushed to it’s limits.  Piko also sounds nice in his lower register, and while both youtubers still have things to work on, they just did a great job at making the song flow well & better than the original.

I’ll close this review on a cover by the same Youtube user who tuned Piko on the above song (they also did the AskPiko blog here on tumblr for a bit, now defunct).  …that cover being Spice!  No, it really does sound good, I’m not pulling your leg, look:

wanna bone my twin