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The producer AVTechNO! is quiet the awesome producer.  I say that not only because I like their music(only listen to about 2 songs of theirs before *fail*), but because this AppendPower!Len song is just great.  And I’m really picky about my Len songs, so this is like finding a diamond in the rough for me.

While not the most exciting song out there nor the most emotional, Plus/Space is a nice contemplation piece and just sounds good against the ears.  It’s (to me) like a lullaby of the stars, accompanied by a piano & some drums(or a drum machine. Gosh, instruments are a bitch these days). 

The simplicity of this song makes every sound stand out, from Len’s singing, to the piano’s unsure melody, to the drum’s steady heartbeats.  And all of them are charming together.

Avetechno! probably has this out on their Itunes, so check it out if you have the cash. C: