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I would like this song better if Miku’s Voice wasn’t as… rusted, so to speak. It still has bits squeakin’ around on it that need to be oiled, and a jump or two here & there. 

It’s pretty organic aside from Miku’s voice as far as I can tell (that is, not all digital and/or mimicked by a synthesizer or keyboard), and I wish it was a little slower paced for some reason.  I don’t know, the beat’s trying to be slow but the vocals & guitars are trying to go fast, and so it just mishmashes together oddly.

I love the concept of the giraffe in the stars for some reason.  Reminded me of old children’s books. c: Honestly, the whole song seems like it’s literally ripped from a children’s poetry book, but hey, that’s not bad at all.

I’m mostly posting this song since GIRAFFES ARE COOL, and while it’s not exactly my thing, you might enjoy this particular style of music more than me, so here ya go <3